Lowe Aviation, a full-service FBO since 1946

Founded by World War II Navy Lieutenant Commander James Lowe

Lowe Aviation was founded by James T. Lowe in 1946. Upon returning from World War II as a Navy Lieutenant Commander, Jim Lowe's experience as a ferry pilot, coupled with his skills as an instructor prior to the war, made starting a flying service in his hometown an easy choice.

Lowe Aviation was founded in late 1946 at the Herbert Smart Airport in Macon, Georgia. In 1947, just after constructing a new hangar for storage and maintenance, it was destroyed by a tornado and the new business was homeless. Lowe helped pursuade the city to relocate the flying service and Delta Airline terminal to the six-year-old Cochran Field, which was donated to the city by the federal government after the war. Lowe Aviation has occupied these hangars since that time.

Instruction over the years has been offered to Macon citizens in a variety of aircraft including J-3 Cubs, Taylorcraft, ex-military T-6 Texan trainers, BT-13, Piper Tri-Pacer, Colt, Super Cruiser, Cherokee, all types of Cessna and a multitude of twin engine aircraft.

Jim Lowe was a Designated Pilot Examiner from the late 1940's through the 1980's and instructed and issued pilot certificates to hundreds of pilots, which earned him a place in the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame.

Lowe Aviation provided charter service in single and multi-engine aircraft from its inception under the CAA (Civil Aeronautics Authority) through the creation of the FAA until today. As one of the oldest continuously run, family owned air taxi services in the southeast, Lowe Aviation has flown thousand of passengers millions of miles with a perfect safety record.

Aircraft have ranged from the 70 mile-per-hour Piper Super Cruiser in the 1950's, the Beech 18, the Cessna T-50 Bobcat, to today's Beechcraft Baron which have provided Macon with air service to cities not served by scheduled air carriers.

Fuel has been available without interruption for 365 days a year for all those 50 plus years when not all cities offered that service. Maintenance services have been available throughout Lowe Aviation's history. We currently offer instrument and autopilot repair and installation in addition to airframe repair and maintenance. We maintain aircraft from throughout the southeast through these specialized services.

Today, Lowe Aviation operates four storage hangars, a new maintenance hangar, corporate hangars and T-hangars.

As president since 1973, Henry Lowe and the 25 employees at Lowe Aviation share over 300 years of professional aviation experience.

For over 60 years, Lowe Aviation has safely flown medical patients, business professionals, parts for assembly lines, politicians, mechanics, checks for the Federal Reserve, forest fire spotters, power line patrol, payrolls, photographers, sportsmen, entertainers, and most importantly, kids on their first flight.


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